Department of Surgery

Dr. Anita P. Courcoulas Receives Walter J. Pories Research Award

We are thrilled to congratulate Dr. Anita P. Courcoulas on being awarded the Walter J. Pories Research award from the TREO (Treatment. Research, and Education to end Obesity) Foundation. Dr. Courcoulas has made significant contributions to the field of surgery, particularly in the realm of bariatric surgery and diabetes management. Her clinical research focuses on long-term outcomes of bariatric surgery, mechanisms of diabetes improvement, and the effectiveness of surgical procedures. Leading numerous NIH-NIDDK-sponsored studies, including the groundbreaking Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery (LABS), Dr. Courcoulas has provided invaluable insights into weight loss surgery outcomes. Her recent publication in JAMA underscores the superiority of bariatric surgery over medical and lifestyle interventions in achieving long-term control and remission of Type 2 diabetes. This award rightfully acknowledges Dr. Courcoulas' dedication and impactful contributions to advancing surgical research and patient care.